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Welcome to the Gayatri Mantra Download!

The Gayatri Mantra Download Center intends to bring you interesting and inspiring information about the powerful Gayatri Mantra, mother of Vedas that  illuminates the intelligence and inspires wisdom.

I hope to provide you with useful resources that will help you progress in your Gayatri mantra practice – various Gayatri mantra downloads, inspiring books and even Gayatri mantra garments – just as it helped me. By surrounding yourself with certain anchors portraying either the Gayatri Goddess, or the Gayatri mantra itself, you fine-tune the vibrations of your mind, which then attract the positive and relevant “circumstances” into your life. The modern medicine calles it the “placebo effect”, but in fact it just creating appropriate conditions for biochemical reactions in your body that will drive further changes in your mind and soul. 


Gayatri Mantra Download Site

This is how you can find your way around this website:

  • In  The Gayatri Mantra you will find fascinating information about the background of the Gayatri mantra and its effects on our psychic, mental and general health.  You can also learn about the various types of Gayatri mantras, and  how to chant them correctly in order to enjoy full benefits of this powerful prayer.
  • The Gayatri Mantra Download Center contains various tips for the best Gayatri mantra downloads, such as videos, mp3 recordings and Audio CD including my personal review.
  • If you are interested to understand a lot more about the Gayatri mantra, or you wish to go deeper in your Gayatri mantra sadhana, go to the Gayatri Mantra Books section, where you can find tips and review of the best Gayatri matra books.
  • Finally, in the Related Products you can find beautiful products that depict the Gayatri mantra and Om symbol on shawls, scarves, saris, wallpapers etc.  Hindus believe that by wearing this mantra on their clothes they improve, and accelerate their Gayatri mantra sadhana.

Hopefully this website will help you find useful information about how to understand, chant and meditate on the Gayatri mantra. Perhaps you also discover a perfect book or CD that will bring you lots of inspiration in your spiritual development.

Happy reading and chanting!

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